Ronald Frankl's expertise in corporate law and M&A ranges from company formation, joint ventures and other partnerships, to cross-border or international transactions, to takeovers and corporate successions. In this field, he accompanies his clients from the establishment and restructuring of companies to complex M&A transactions. He has successfully supported several companies from different industries and at various stages of their business cycles: from start-ups to well-established multinational corporations.

For many years, he rendered legal assistance regarding corporate governance to the management of large companies. The scope of these services included in particular the advice in the context of the taking of individual business decisions as well as the preparation and support of meetings or assemblies of corporate bodies. With his strong negotiation skills and analytical thinking acumen, he assists his clients in contract negotiations and drafting, conducting due diligence examinations, and advocating for their interests in contentious disputes. In doing so, he consistently puts an emphasis on minimizing legal risks while at the same time maximizing his clients’ entrepreneurial opportunities.



Capital Markets

As an experienced attorney in the field of capital market law, Ronald Frankl has successfully supported numerous clients from diverse industries in their capital market activities. With his in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and experience advising various participants in the capital market, he assists his clients in structuring and implementing capital market transactions, as well as fulfilling their reporting and disclosure obligations.

Clients engaged in the field of Blockchain & Crypto Assets particularly benefit from Ronald Frankl's expertise in capital market law. Whether it involves registering as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements for token issuances, or obtaining and subsequently fulfilling the requirements for operating a trading platform (e.g. under the DLT-Pilot Regime), all of these aspects fall within Ronald Frankl's advisory scope.

Throughout this process, Ronald Frankl stands by his clients as a reliable partner, helping them to successfully execute their capital market strategies.


Real Estate

Due to his extensive experience in advising real estate companies and individuals, Ronald Frankl is capable of providing comprehensive and professional support in all aspects of real estate law to his clients. From real estate transactions and developments to the enforcement of rental and property rights, Ronald Frankl guides his clients through the entire process and stands by their side with tailored solutions to ensure the successful implementation of their real estate projects.

With his profound understanding of real estate law, he assists his clients in contract drafting and review, conducting due diligence examinations, and resolving legal disputes related to real estate matters. Moreover, his clients benefit from his comprehensive expertise in the M&A field, especially in structuring real estate transactions as share deals.

The guiding principle of Ronald Frankl's advice in this domain is to overcome the legal challenges associated with real estate tasks and ultimately lead his clients' projects to success.


Blockchain & Crypto Assets

Ronald Frankl provides his clients first-class advice in the field of Blockchain and Crypto Assets. His in-depth knowledge of Blockchain & Crypto Assets spans across various legal areas, including financial and banking law, securities law, data protection law, and contract law. With a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks and regulatory requirements, he is capable of providing professional support to his clients in all legal aspects related to Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, and the issuance of Crypto Assets (e.g. ICOs, STOs).

Furthermore, Ronald Frankl has represented numerous clients in pursuing claims arising from investments in structures within the Blockchain industry that turned out to be fraudulent. He is actively engaged in legal representation concerning claim enforcements in the area of Blockchain and Crypto Assets.

In addition, Ronald Frankl is a regular speaker at prestigious conferences (e.g. Munich Security Conference 2022) and universities (e.g., Vienna University of Economics and Business). This keeps him up-to-date with the latest developments in the Blockchain and Crypto Asset field, allowing him to provide top-notch advice to his clients and assist them in achieving their objectives in this dynamic and innovative market. With his dedicated and pragmatic approach, he consistently strives to find effective solutions that align with his clients' individual needs and protect their legal interests.


Dispute Resolution

When it comes to dispute resolution, Ronald Frankl has a long and impressive track record. His main areas of expertise in this context include Corporate, Blockchain & Crypto Assets, Real Estate, and Capital Markets. Throughout his career, Ronald Frankl has gained significant experience and high expertise in representing clients in shareholder disputes, challenges of shareholder resolutions, disputes in the banking sector, and general corporate law matters.

In particular, he provides advice and representation to clients pursuing claims arising from investments in structures within the Blockchain industry that turned out to be abusive, even before the law enforcement authorities. His extensive experience in investor proceedings—having represented both investors and banks—is highly beneficial to his clients. In addition, Ronald Frankl remains highly active in claim enforcement and dispute resolution related to Blockchain and Crypto Assets.

In this field, Ronald Frankl is characterized by strong commitment, proactive approach, keen analytical skills, and a strategic mindset.